Crypt of the Science-Wizard S&W (PRINT+PDF)


1 × Crypt of the Science-Wizard S&W (PRINT)
1 × Crypt of the Science-Wizard S&W (PDF)


Crypt of the Science-Wizard S&W is a 1st-level adventure designed for use with the Swords & Wizardry ruleset.

In a time-lost desert near an uncanny oasis, you finally find it — the lost crypt of Kersete. Was he an undead magic-user or a robe-clad philosopher-cleric? The rumors were not specific, and you weren’t paying attention that closely anyway. All you heard was that there were fabulous treasures to be had if one could only navigate the tricks and traps of his tomb. Sure, no one who ever sought his tomb has returned to tell the tale, but they didn’t have your level of grit, guile, and greed.

INCLUDES: Art booklet with 20 illustrations!

Publisher: SGP
40 pages, softcover

Written by: Skeeter Green
Art by: Adrian Landeros, Glynn Seal, and Corey Smith