Fantastic Geographic No.1 (PRINT)



Within these pages reside new monsters, adventures and magic items. The Forgotten Lighthouse looms at the edge of civilization, harboring a light in the darkness.

Electrina hunts the desert sands, her blue scales gleaming in the sunlight. Tips on megadungeon campaigns, new charts and other treasures for game masters and players reside within these pages.

More of the fabled city of Redstone is revealed. An urban adventure shows the seedier side of the city, while articles explain the legal system and detail McEwen’s Mercantile.

Publisher: Silver Bulette
softcover, 68 pages

Written and designed by: Jayson “Rocky” Gardner and Ian McGarty
Additional material by: James M. Spahn and Eric Steine
Art by: Lloyd Metcalf, Wonkee, Johnathan Bingham, Ed Bickford, David Simpson, Del Tiegler