Marvin the Mage Treasury Edition No.1 (PRINT+PDF)


1 × Marvin the Mage Treasury Edition No.1 (PRINT)
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Marvin the Mage is back! This collection of the misanthropic magic-user’s earliest adventures contains 5 complete stories, including two stories that originally appeared only in the Gary Con Events Guide, plus behind-the-scenes articles.

Marvin the Mage
A misanthropic mage and medieval grifter, Marvin loathes actual adventuring. With a spell book optimized for cheating at card games and mixing adult beverages, Marvin has one ironclad rule that has always served him well: NO dungeons and NO dragons. Surly, selfish, and sarcastic by nature, Marvin is best described as just a pixie’s wing this side of chaotic-neutral.

32 page comic book

Written and Drawn by: Jim Wampler
Additional art by: James V. West
Edited by: Tim Kask and Matt Finch