Mudpuppy Miniatures: Cyber-Lich


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Possessing ready access to a host of ancient technologies and artifacts, the Cyber-Lich is the ultimate in post-apocalyptic monsters. An immortal fusion of genius-level human consciousness melded seamlessly with quantum processors and cybernetics, the Cyber-Lich operates at a level above mere organic minds or even advanced, god-like AIs.

Armed with a Staff of Vaporous Depostion, Adaptive Shield Harness, and a host of deadly neural programs (spells), this undead super-science sorcerer will challenge the mightiest of wasteland warriors.

This 3D-printable miniature is ready-to-print without additional slicer supports. For role playing game details and stats, be sure and check out Mudpuppy Games’ forthcoming Fight This Mutant game supplement.