Couldn’t get to Gary Con this year for the new releases? Well, we’ve got you covered. The Dread From Geneva Lake was the Official Gary Con Module this year, brought to you by the malevolent minds of Skeeter Green and Luke Gygax. If a Call of Cthulhu adventure set inside a certain well-known game convention is your kind of foreboding elder dread, then this one will certainly tax your sensibilities and your sanity.

We also have Tim Sattley’s brand new adventure for MCC RPG, Tribal Games: Tournament of Champions. Have you characters always been to afraid to capture and tame a giant grasshopper for a mount? This adventure will not only give you one, it invites you to take them jousting. And that’s just one of the many tournament contests that allows your PCs to go run with the big canines.

So what are you waiting for? Just hit the big red button like you’re about to blow up the whole installation!

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NEW IN THE MUDPUPPY STORE: Seekers of the Un-K’Nown!

Welcome to the world of Classics Mutated, where everything old is mutated again! Seekers of the Un-K’Nown is an MCC RPG adventure for 1st level characters.

Chance detonations have awoken something evil — a “smart metal” fiend that is now raiding your village, including kidnapping members of your tribe. The village chief deems it fitting that you and your comrades mount a rescue team to penetrate the dreaded “Lands of Boom” and find the missing captives.

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About to die anyway?

Did your character just fall off a cliff? Take a particle beam to the skull? Miss that saving throw versus dragon breath? Then you may as well take a chance on using the SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN D2 Death Die! Just flip the die and there’s at least a 50% chance you somehow miraculously defied death’s door, with at least half your hit points restored. But be warned, such miracles come at a cost. If you use the D2 Death Die and survive, you now owe a favor to VarDOS, the three-eyed cyber-lich. It was his power that spared you, and you know he is going to come and collect on that debt.

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IN STOCK: SGP products for DCC/MCC RPG!

The Mudpuppy Store is proud to feature Skeeter Green Publications products for DCC RPG and MCC RPG! From SGP’s loving homage to the infamous Tomb of Horrors, Crypt of the Science Wizard (with included book of illustrations), to their monstrous compendium of new creatures, Cryptocodex, you can get both products with just a few clicks — in Print+PDF format!

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NEW RELEASE: Game Wizards Gary and Dave Minis

Game Wizards Gary and DaveIn 1974, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created the World’s Most Popular Role Playing Game, and gaming has never been the same since. Now you can bring the Original Game Wizards right to your tabletop, captured in all their 1970s glory!

As featured on the cover of Jon Peterson’s new book Game Wizards: The Epic Battle For Dungeons & Dragons, each of these 28mm white metal miniatures has been lovingly crafted to represent the founders of our hobby as they were when role playing games were first aborning.

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BABY BOOMER FANBOY now available

Science Fiction and Fantasy nerds didn't always have it so great. In Baby Boomer Fanboy, author Scott Robinson's very personal memoir of what it was like to be a young nerd, when fandoms were being born and the world was still analog, is as humorous as it is insightful. While the growth of genre fandom and the media we enjoy today has been phenomenal, you will be equally impressed by the things that haven't changed by a single warp factor.





Our 1st Anniversary issue is going to be 120+ pages (and you know us, probably more), all for the same coin. That means SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.4 has all our regular features and comics, plus three (count ‘em three) compete adventures to challenge your players. Night of the Space Apes by Charles W. Vieser reveals a few of the lost secrets of the Great Disaster, while Michael Stewart’s Center of Repose is an exciting adventure that takes place among the S.A.B.L.E. Rangers he created for Issue No.1. Last, but not least, we present Jim Wampler’s Holding Up The Sky — the underground adventure half of the wilderness hex crawl begun in The Shatterback Mountains from Issue No.3.

GIANT-SIZED 1st Anniversary Issue, plus the 2021 ANNUAL!
The Merry Mutant Madness marches on! Not only did we make SCIENTIFIC BARBARIAN No.4 a GIANT-SIZED 1st Anniversary issue, not only did we decide to pack three adventures into it along with our regular featured content, but we even decided to publish a hardback annual celebrating our first year of publication! The 2021 Annual is 500+ pages thick, and contains our fantastic first four issues plus a bonus surprise or two!


ADVENTURE GAMING magazine available again!
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ADVENTURE GAMING magazine was founding editor and publisher Tim Kask’s third magazine, after The Dragon and Little Wars. In ADVENTURE GAMING, all gamers were welcome. The magazine presented articles, editorials, reviews, and comics that covered a broad spectrum of gaming, from traditional wargames and boardgames to the first generation of role playing games.

The first 5 issues of of Tim Kask’s seminal ADVENTURE GAMING magazine are now available as PDFs in our webstore.

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