Moon Mutants No.5 (PRINT)



Moon Mutants is a zine that follows the Umerican legacy began by Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Issue #4 is primarily dedicated to sublunar dungeons. This issue contains a new class, new vehicles, new monsters, and a 2nd-level dungeon adventure. There are wonders and treasures to uncover beneath the Moon’s crust, and we need brave explorers to take the plunge!

Issue #5 includes:

  • Deeper Dungeons of the Mutant Moon
  • Dungeon Survival
  • The Bio-Sorcerer
  • Transport Vehicles
  • Mutant Moonagerie
  • Organ Farm V
  • Encounter Tables for Level 3 and Level 4
  • Moonlighters Miscellany

Publisher: Dungeon Remixer
softcover, 42 pages

Written by: David Coppoletti, Derek Holland
Edited by: Denny Scalf, Justin Ryan Isaac
Interior art by: David Coppoletti
Umerica Consultant: Reid San Filippo